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Oil on canvas, signed ...detail

Kaiser Wolfgang

Born on 3, December 1941 in Berlin-Zehlendorf, died March 2010; Kaiser spent his childhood in Altötting/Bavaria and in Lochau/Bodensee; after finishing his private school (gymnasium) he visited the art accademy in Berlin. Another important school for his career was at the accademy in Karlsruhe with Professor Linke. Succesful art conventions insured him the faszination of a wide audience; who does not know the warm feeling, spending time on an old farmhouse? There is peace and balance of a full day that makes us positive. Kaiser makes it possible to take a piece of this feeling home in form of one his paintings. His speciality are miniature paintings with extream details. Kaisers animal portraits are amazing as well, where we not only see the animals like horses, cats, dogs, birds,... but the caractaristics of the whole animal breed. The sensitivity of the artist neccesarry to achive such a masterpieces, we can only imagine. Wolfgang Kaiser succes sonvinces him to further search for effectfull situations for his motives in the contry-style and its animal world. Back in the days, when Kaiser was still in the accademy with Professor Linke, he made brilland drawings and also found perspectiveness and contrast with his cole paintings. He also took part on many conventions and art shows all over the world since than.  

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